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Madina’s Mysteries Jinn Hill (video)

Wadi al jin or the hill of jinn! No matter whereabouts of it, the world has been astonishing about its an event. The hill of the jinn located about 45 kilometers northwest of Medina city of Saudi Arabia. Although there are many stories about this hill there is no mention of this in the Quran.

The people’s have interest about the mysterious hill and for knowing the interest we are journey to jin hill. About this wonderful mountain is said to be an invisible force that pulls everything upwards. The huge sized mountains in sight of the journey. And behind the mountains, the gin hill is situated.

According to various sources, the Saudi government planned to build a road in 2010 in Wadi al-Baida. But it causes hazard. After working up to 30 kilometers, it’s gone something wrong. Suddenly, the road construction equipment gradually moved alone in the city of Medina.

The road that I saw on the road stopped till the jin hill, there was a map to take the road forward but it could not take it anymore. After several attempts it was not possible to get the work done on the street.

But with my own eyes, I saw everything on the street opposite to the ramp, that is, to the height. The opposite of the general rule. In the mysterie hill’s car started moving opposite direction. May it could be a normal matter. This invisible force dragged a few tons of vehicles to about 140 km speed. If you pour water bottles or water then it never fall down it falls on opposite detraction.

Many people think that there is a lot of magnetic power in the place and it’s happened because of this. This place is researched several times But there was no obvious information about it.

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