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Irfan Selim, son of MP Haji Salim, beat Navy officer Lt. Wasif

Hazi Selim Son –  A Navy officer’s motorcycle was hit by a car with a parliament member sticker. Then some people were getting out of the car and beat the officer named Lieutenant Wasif. On Sunday evening, this incident was taken place near Kalabagan crossing in Dhanmondi. Assistant sub-inspector Abdullah Zahid of Dhanmondi Police Station told Prothom Alo at 10.15 pm that the care belongs to MP Haji Selim. He was not in the car at the time of the incident. But his son and security guard was there. Police bought MP’s car and navy officer’s bike to Dhanmondi Police Station. Inspector also said that both sides were at the police station. A decision will be taken to take legal action after the discussion.

An eyewitness told Prothom Alo that he made a video on his mobile phone from the street. A man was out from MP’s car and beat naval officer. At that moment, the officer tried to defend himself.

The eyewitness recorded the video on his mobile phone of the incident. As seen in the video it is found that the injured naval officer identified himself as Lieutenant Wasif. He said that after buying books, he was returning to the motorbike with his wife. That car was hitting his motorcycle. Then he stopped the motorcycle and introduced himself. Two-man got out of the car and started beating and broke his teeth. He also claimed that they touched his wife too.

The assailants move away and left the MP’s car when people were gathered on that spot. Later the police came and took the car and bike to the police station. The number of the vehicle can be seen in the video- Dhaka Metro-D 11-5736. For inquiry about the incident, Haji Selim was called and sent a text message by police but he did not respond.

According to police sources, both sides left the police station around 11.30 pm. Dhanmondi in change police officer (OC) Ikram Ali Mia told to Prothom Alo that no case has been registered yet. Since the forces are involved in the matter so, the police are awaiting the direction of the higher authorities. The care and the motorcycle are at the police station.