Happy Holi

Holi 2019: 5 tips every parent must know for safe Holi

Holi 2019: 5 tips every parent must know for safe Holi. Most of the Guardian doesn’t know about the safety of celebrating the Holi. In this post, we are going to describe the Safety and Instruction which need to follow to celebrate the Holi 2019.

Always follow these guidelines and celebrate the Festival of Colors. It will keep you and your family safe. If you don’t follow the instruction, it may be causing some Physical Problem and Effect on your Body part.

Skin and hair-care

To avoid the harmful effects of color, make sure you apply oil on their hair and cream all over the body. It will keep safe your Hair and Body from the effect of Color. Also, make sure that they wear long and full sleeve clothes.

Use Natural colors

We always recommend you to use natural or organic colors. These colors are easily available everywhere like the Local market and Online Shop. You can also suggest your kids try an alternate method to play Holi like celebrating Holi with flowers or other Elements.

No to Animal Cruelty

Make sure that your kids don’t sprinkle colors on animals which can cause serious health hazards to them. There is no safety recommendations for the Animals so try to recommend this to your child. In case you have any pets, make sure they are indoors for at least two days and let them out only after the colors are cleared from the road.

No water balloons

It is another important tip for you. Make sure that no water is wasted and ask kids to opt for dry Holi. Explain to kids the importance of water. Water balloons also cause injuries if not taken care.

Emergency contact list

In case of emergency, make sure you have a contact list of Police, hospitals, ambulance, and family doctors etc.