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Government officials put up shoes for the minister (Video)

India’s Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is stranded in controversy circles Sometimes the people of his cabinet are sometimes the focus of the debate.

State Minority Affairs Minister Laksmi Narayan gave birth to a new debate on Friday at Shahjahanpur Joint Day.

In a video viral, Laksmi Narayan is standing and wearing a shoe, a government official said.

According to Kolkata Knight Riders, the officer initially used to wear the right foot shoe. Then the minister left the left leg. The government officials put shoes on the feet of the minister.

Of course, even after such a disgusting incident, the minister not repented. Appreciating the wearing of shoes, he said, if any brother, nephew or family is wearing shoes then there is nothing bad in it. Because Lord Rama used to wear the 14-year rule of Rama. All of this should be appreciated.

Zee News said earlier that BJP leader Laxmi Narayan was involved in controversy. Last year in one of the events he commented, Ram wanted to make India a Super Cup. In December last year, he commented that Ram Laxman Hanuman was a Jatha.

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