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Fish look like a human

A fish looks like a human in a lake in China. The face of the fish is very much like a human. If you look at it, it will look like a fish, not the face of human skeletons. The video was taken from a reservoir in a village in Kunming, South China. And the pictures and videos of the fish have been caught on social media. Everyone can see the shadow of the familiar people in that mouth.

The video of the man-facing fish caught on a smartphone spread quickly after it was shared on Twitter by an account called The Unexplained. Users have come up with this. So far, the video has been retweeted 4,085. Like in the post, more than 16 thousand 5 hundred. Many people on Twitter are trying to find a way to match the character of the story with the fish. As seen in the video captured in the camera, the man is approaching the fish face of a reservoir. It was almost on the hill to come. He came face to face with a piece of rubble on his head. Then he entered the swallow quite easily.

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