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Corona: Sample collection only if the patient dies at Dhaka medical college

Corona: If a patient dies due to any reason while being admitted to Dhaka Medical College (DMC) Hospital, his coronavirus test is being done to warn everyone. If the corona test is positive, the body is being handed over as per the rules. And even though it is negative, the hospital authorities are handing over the body to the relatives as per the rules.

On Wednesday (April 22), the director of DMCH, Brigadier General AKM Nasir Uddin, told Bangla news that the doctors and nurses of our hospital had contracted corona. This is because patients have been treated in different wards with false information. Later it was seen that the test done by those patients came positive. The nurses, including doctors, came in contact with them. If the patients had given correct information without giving wrong information, they would have been kept in the isolation ward of DMEC. If a patient dies while in isolation, that is a different matter. They are not corona suspects, they must be tested.

He said that the prevalence of the corona virus is increasing in our country as well as in the world. Health experts have repeatedly warned that the deadly virus can spread to healthy people when it comes in contact with patients infected with the coronavirus. For this reason, if a patient dies while being admitted to different wards of the hospital, samples are collected from the body. If the patient’s sample comes back negative after the test, the body is handed over directly to the family as per the rules. And if the coronavirus test is positive, the body is being buried according to the rules.

“If there is a virus in a body, we hand over the body without testing, which is a big risk,” he said. For example, those who carry the body are at risk, and relatives and neighbors are also at risk wherever they take it.

From last Thursday to Wednesday afternoon, 18 bodies were deposited in the emergency department morgue of DMK. It is a matter of time before samples are collected from the bodies and taken for testing. That is why the bodies were frozen. Several of them were corona positive and their burial has been arranged as per the rules. Besides, other bodies have been handed over to relatives.

In response to a question, Director of DMCH Brigadier General Nasir Uddin said, “We have received the final instructions to prepare the Dhaka Medical Burn Unit Corona Unit.” According to the instructions, the DMEC burn unit has been completely emptied. Hopefully, the treatment of Corona patients will start next Saturday (April 25). All the patients of the burn unit have been handed over to Sheikh Hasina National Institute of Burn and Plastic Surgery.