Merry Christmas

Christmas Day 2020 – Merry Christmas

What is Christmas Day?

Christmas is a holy and a day to celebrate for all the Christians all around the world. The day was founded to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Though once it was only celebrated by the Christians, but now it’s a common festival for a huge amount of people of the word.

So you might be thinking why is Christmas important?

Yes, if you don’t know that much about the specialty of this day then you have the full right to think that. But the fact is, Holy Jesus was born on that day. He was born in a situation when the world was full of bad people’s sins. The entire mankind needed someone who will remove all the dark sides of human behavior. So Holy Jesus took birth. That’s the historical reason why this day is important.

Another reason is that on this day people all around the world especially the Christians celebrate in a great way. They celebrate in a way that, they remember it for a long time that’s why this day is really important for all.

These are the main Christmas Information. But still, a lot of things are needed to be described. So let’s know other facts also.

History of the Christmas Day

It’s quite tough to explain the brief history of Christmas in a few words. But we will try to explain and share the real history of Christmas.

You might be thinking, what is the origin of the word Christmas?

The name Christmas actually came from the mass of Christ. Once it was named, until now it is known by the same name.

As we said before the day is all about celebrating the birth of the Holy Jesus. His birth is considered a holy matter to the Christians. They believe that Jesus came to the world for them. Unfortunately once no official date was there to celebrate this day. But then, the first Christmas day was celebrated in Rome on 25 December 336. After that, it continued to become famous and right now it is celebrated as a national holiday in most of the countries.

Happy Christmas Traditions

The tradition is quite different in several nations. So we can say, Christmas tradition around the world varies from nation to nation.  But yes, there are some basic traditions which are very common. So we will discuss those-

1. Lighting your surroundings- This is the most common tradition all around the world. No matter what, people will try to cover their surroundings with light. This tradition actually shares the value of this day.

2. Santa gift- That’s the cutest tradition. There will be a Santa who will give gifts to children. It’s a very common scene when the time of Christmas arrives. An old guy bearing a big bag on their back and giving gifts to children. It’s a great view to see actually.

3. Ensuring a Christmas tree- Christmas without a Christmas tree is something unbelievable. Once Christmas time arrives, you will see the Christmas tree here and there. People consider the Christmas tree as a holly tree. So they always pick up a Christmas tree and decorate it as much as possible.

4. Listening to Christmas music- There are always some people who are available who don’t like music at all. But when Christmas arrives, every single people will play and hear the Christmas music. The music upholds the holiness of the day. That’s why people love to hear it.

5. Spending quality time- We remain really busy in our day to day life. But this day ensures that we come close to each other and spend some quality time. No matter where people live, once Christmas day is about to come people just leave all the work and spend a lot of quality time with their family members, with their friends and so on.

6. Being well-dressed- What we do if any special occasion comes? Yes, we mainly dress up in a good manner. That’s what is done in the case of Christmas also. It’s true that every single individual’s financial condition is not the same. But people try to buy the best clothes for them to wear on this day. They do so because they want to look pretty and nice on this very special day.

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