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Brownstone Law is a Nationwide Appellate Law Firm

Brownstone Law is a Nationwide Appellate Law Firm. The federal appeals lawyers at Brownstone are dedicated to federal appeals.  We believe in pride, passion, and the pursuit of winning the argument on appeal. We have confidence in appellate litigation.  Clients from across the nation seek the counsel of our firm to argue important cases.  We argue precedent setting cases our clients that need to obtain results.  Our federal appeal attorneys have distinguished themselves as some of the most elite litigators in the nation. We have former law clerks, former prosecutors, and members of the Order of Coif, and attorneys that have handled hundreds of criminal and civil appeals.  The Florida appeal attorneys at Brownstone focus their entire practice on federal and state court appellate criminal cases across Florida.  Most of our appeals originate from Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.  Our Florida appeal attorneys are some of the best in Florida. A key component of our success is that we listen to our clients.  We have a reputation for excellence when it comes to appeals in Florida. The Florida appeal attorneys at our firm have significant experience in state and federal courts across the nation.  Our appeal lawyers work on criminal appellate practice and can meet the challenge of any criminal appeal issue in Florida. Brownstone is recognized for legal work in the appellate area.  Our Florida appellate practice team combines powerful talent and experience to present the best appeals and advocacy for our clients in civil cases across the State of Florida.

During any appeal in Florida, a client must have experienced appellate attorneys and an appellate litigation team that practices in every court of appeal in Florida, including the Florida Supreme Court. The appeal attorneys at Brownstone are committed to representation of clients at oral argument before every court of appeal in Florida and the Supreme Court of Florida. We invite you to contact us to review your Florida appeal and case. Brownstone provides confidence on appeal.


Our Florida appellate advocacy team is versed in all areas of appeals in Florida or in federal courts throughout the nation. Contact a Florida appeals lawyer to review your case. Our firm handles post conviction motions and criminal habeas cases in the entire state of Florida including Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee.

We have hundreds of appeals in Florida and federal court under our belt. The firm has some of the best appeal attorneys and appeals lawyers in

We have a reputation for superiority in representing clients in a wide variety of complex appellate arguments and disputes, including criminal appeals, and federal crime appeals.  As one of Florida’s major appellate law firms, BROWNSTONE provides a high level of client service and responsiveness in its representation of business and individual clients on appeal. Our firm will also handle many types of custody, divorce, and civil appeals.   Our federal appeal attorneys also handle cases in all 50 states. The federal appeal lawyers at Brownstone are versed in multiple areas of the law. Clients from across the nation call upon our Appeal Lawyer Team to advance civil and criminal appeals in Federal Courts.


We provide the best possible representation before every federal court of appeal in the nation, including the United States Supreme Court.



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