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Bangladesh ePassport – Online Apply for ePassport – passport.gov.bd [Video]

bangladeshi epassport

Bangladesh ePassport Online: There are 118 countries in the world that have e-passport or electronic passport. In the e-passport era, Bangladesh is going to enter into a tune with those countries. The government of Bangladesh decided to introduce an electronic passport (e-passport) along with machine-readable passport (MRP) in 2016. At the same time, the decision to extend the passport expired. According to the decision, from the day the e-passport will be started, the renewal of the MRP passport must be e-passport. E-passport will be made in Germany through jituji technology. Bangladeshi passport documents used for travel abroad for citizens of Bangladesh. It is provided by the Bangladesh government to the citizens of Bangladesh in birth or death.

The legal person needs a passport to go to any country in the world. It is also a big document of recognition as a citizen of the state. The national identity card is one of the strongest certificates of citizens of Bangladesh but this identity card is almost incompatible after the country’s movement. Only passports can give evidence to the person and prove that he is a citizen of Bangladesh. Therefore, not only going abroad but also for every dignitary, every citizen should have a passport. Today you will share with us the new rules of passport online.

Bangladesh ePassport Facility

The e-passport as a safety mark will have an eye-opener photograph and fingerprint. All the information about the passport holder will be stored in the chips on the page. Due to this security system, identity confidentiality or fraud cannot be possible.
The e-passport holder who has crossed the Immigration Checkpost will be able to complete the immigration automatically without standing in line.
E-Gate will be set for e-passport at air, land and river port.

Bangladesh ePassport Expires

At present, the fee for a general passport is 3 thousand 450 rupees and an emergency passport has to pay 6 thousand 900 TAKA. Duration of five years The issue of e-passport for the age of five and ten years has been finalized. It is learned that a passport of five years of age under the age of 18 years and 55 years of age and a 10-year passport for 19 to 55 years old will be issued.

The amount of money need for Bangladesh ePassport

At present, a general and emergency passport is to be paid for 3 thousand and six thousand TAKA respectively. Now, taking five and ten years passport, TAKA 5 thousand and 11 thousand TAKA respectively. When VAT is added, the general passport will cost Tk 6325 and an emergency passport will cost 12 thousand 650 rupees.

Where to do Bangladesh e-passport

There are 71 passport offices in the country. Every day, about 20,000 new passports and renewal applications are submitted to these offices. In the meantime, four thousand applications were submitted to Agargaon, Jatrabari, Uttara and Keraniganj passport offices in Dhaka. The passport of Bangladesh is allowed to travel all over the world except Israel. There are arrangements for separate counters for freedom fighters, elderly citizens, sick people and disabled citizens in each divisional/regional passport office under the Directorate of Immigration and Passport.

1. Agargaon Passport Office of Dhaka: Sabujbagh of Dhaka city, Motijheel Paltan, Ashulia Savar, Dhamrai and the people of 28 THANA can pass the passport from here.

2. Dhaka Deputy Commissioner’s Office: Residents of Dhaka City and the remaining 10 police stations of the district can now make their passports.

3. You can make a passport from the regional passport offices of the country.

4. Apart from this, you can make a passport from the different branch of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office in the passport.

5. You can make a passport from GPO of each district.
6. A Passport Office or a Bangladeshi Embassy abroad, a passport is issued.


The correct rules for completing BD ePassport forms online

Without a passport, you can think of yourself as a Bangladeshi citizen. Passport must have its own passport. There is no longer a long line to submit passport forms online. The broker’s handpump or passport office can be taken straight and photographed directly without any problems. There is no trouble in the cost of unnecessary costs.

This tune to make matters easier for those who are going to make new e-passports online. You can also easily get it. Because Passport Online is a lot easier to get. All you have to do is pass the passport, and you will only have to go for three days. Come, know from the very first time how to fill out the online passport and the rules.

Step 1: Transfer money to the bank
The first step in passing the passport is to submit the money to the government fixed fee bank. You will have to submit it to the bank as it is necessary to add the bank’s receipt number and date of deposit to the online application form. You will be able to submit a passport fee to the branch of the bank set by the Bangladesh Passport Office.

Besides Sonali Bank, you can deposit money in 5 more banks as well.
One Bank
Trust Bank
Bank Asia
Premier Bank
Dhaka Bank
Passport fees can also be made through online credit card and mobile through these banks.

ePassport fees information:
Regular fee 3000 / – [3000.00 + 15% VAT = 3450.00] To get the passport (Bangladeshi Passport) within 1 month. Emergency fee of Rs 6000 / – [6000.00 + 15% VAT = 6900.00] In order to get passport within 10 days.

Step 2: Online passport form fills up:

The most important step to fill out the form online is the e-passport. See the instructions carefully to fill out the online form, fill it carefully. To complete the online form, first, go to the http://www.dip.gov.bd/ Immigration and Passport Directorate’s website.

Then click on ‘continue to online enrollment’ with ‘I have read the above information and the relevant guidance notes’.

Your name and personal information – such as your name, your parents’ name. These names are similar to educational certificates or national credentials. There is a problem with the passport if any information is wrong.

The mail address and mobile number must be given in the course of the payment.

The deposit date and receipt number will be paid. Passport-type should be selected as ‘normal’ Parts that have a red star mark must be filled.

In the Delivery Type section, for 30 days, Regular and for 15 days, Express will be selected.

It needs to be checked again when the full form is filled up, to verify that all data is checked and to go to the next step. If successfully submitted, you will get the download link of the completed form. Download the form. The e-mail address that comes with the PDF copy will come back to the form.

You will be prompted to provide user ID and password immediately after opening an online account. Save it. This is the end here.

Step 3: Print and verify the application form

2 copies of the copied copies of the completed form should be printed. Take the places that you need to fill in. It will sign the applicant’s signature place.

Two photocopies of National Identity Card and 55 × 45 mm in size colour photo (passport size photograph), after forming a glue in both forms, the application form of two e-passports must be attested. To be certified by a known first-class official. Good to confirm with someone known Because of the name, contact and phone number of the officer and the national identity card number to write. The image must be attested in such a way that the signature and half of the seal of the confirmation and the other half part is in the form paper. After confirming, please restate the whole form.

Step 4: Re-check the full form

Attested photos and receipt of the bank will be attached to the form with glue. The attested copies of the National Identity Card are also attached to the printed form.
Applying as a student must certify the photocopy of the Student ID card and add it to the form. After completing these steps, the form is ready to submit.

Step 5: Form submission and photo taking

Within 15 days of completing the form, attested photocopy of the print copy of the form, attested photographs, national ID card or birth registration certificate (along with the original copy, will be included) and apply as a student, the photocopy of the ID card should be taken to the passport office. White clothes, white hats and eyeglasses cannot be worn during the passport office or photograph.
It is better to go to the passport office in the morning. When the crowd is low on the line, they will have to enter the main office directly with the main gate.

Take your form and tell the army member in charge where to go. He will show you where with the form you have to go.

Before verification and verification of the application, the officer in charge will sign the application with seal. Then the application will be submitted to the specific place. There are several booths in the passport office, to be submitted there.

When submitting the application, the person in charge of the passport office will be able to enter your information on the computer. Then he will give you a token. He will have to go to another officer to take a photo with the token and take the photograph. Here’s how the photographs taken for the National Identity Card will be taken. The fingerprint of both hands should also be given in the electronic machine. Then the electronic signature will be taken. However, the signature of the electronic signature application should be kept in mind.

Then, in the specified room, the serial will actually be called to take pictures. A receipt is given before the photo, signature and fingerprint so that all information displayed in the passport is provided. Please verify that your information is correct and if any information is incorrect, then you can immediately correct the information given by the concerned operator. It is to be noted that after giving the photograph, signature and fingerprint of the passport applicant, the original delivery receipt is provided and there is no other option for correction. After the completion of the photograph and fingerprint, a receipt will be given for the passport receipt. Take care of that.

Normally the forms are submitted from 9 am to 1:30 pm every day. Passports are delivered from 9 am to 5 pm. Apart from the official holidays (Venus and Saturdays), open for the remaining five days of the week.

Step 6: Receive police verification and Passport

If your permanent and current address is different, then police verification is done in both places. During verification, photocopy of your national identity card and certificate issued by electricity bill/chairman of Union Parishad will be required. Subject to police verification, you will receive a passport within one month or 15 days of receiving a receipt. When the verification ends, the SMS will come to your mobile. On the day you receive SMS, you can collect the passport. That’s right, this time it’s time to take an e-passport.

Please verify that your information is correct on the passport and if the information is wrong then you can correct the instant passport given by the concerned operator.

In case of a mistake, the e-passport, passport (MRP) re-issue / change of passport amendment and the application of the application for the passport, renewal of the passport, the photocopy of the current passport and the deposit of the money deposited in the bank should be attached and the original passport Must have to come up with.
To renew the passport, fill in the specified application form and submit the prescribed fee to the bank and the receipt will be submitted with the passport along with the application with glue.

All documents to be attached with the application:- Chairman / Ward commissioner issued certificate/voter ID card / national ID card/birth certificates or photocopy of electricity, gas/water, bill/house documents etc.
In respect of the officers and employees working in the private sector, the concerned institution will have to submit the certificate/identity card issued.

Students will be required to submit certificates/credentials given by the concerned institution for the students.
Notable during passport

What you need to know while passing the Bangladesh ePassport:

1. Permanent officers / employees of government, semi-government, autonomous and state-owned companies, retired government servants, dependent husband / wife of government servants and children under their 15 (fifteen) year, 5 (five) / 10 (ten) years passed, surrendered For a form and others, you will have to submit two (two) copies filled passport forms for a new passport.


2. Under the age of 15 (under 15) the applicant’s father and mother will have to confirm after painting a colourful picture (30 x 25 mm) of glue.

3. Certified photocopies of national ID card or birth registration certificate and relevant technical certificates (such as doctors, engineers, drivers etc.) are applicable.

4. People who can pass the passport application forms and photographs – Members of Parliament, mayors of city corporation, deputy mayor and councilors, gazetted officers, public university teachers, chairman and vice chairman of municipality mayor and municipal councilors, private university professors, private Principal of college, headmaster of private high school, national Nick editor, notary public and semi-government / autonomous / public officials of the salary scale in the 7th grade and above grade.

5. You will get emergency benefits by paying a simple fee of 15 (fifteen) children of government, semi-government, autonomous and state-owned companies, permanent officials/employees and their spouse and government servants.

6. Applicable to the relevant Geo (GO) / NOC must be submitted.

7. Retired government servants and their dependent spouses will get emergency benefits by paying a normal fee. In this case, the certificate of retirement has to be submitted.

8. Must be accompanied by a passport surrendered application with the previous passport.

9. Applicants seeking diplomatic passport must submit the completed forms and attachments to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

10. Educational or employable titles (such as Doctor, Engineer, Doctor, PhD etc.) will not be counted as part. In order to complete serial number 3 of the form, if there is more than one part, then you have to fill 1 in the middle of each part of the house.

11. If the father, mother, husband/wife of the applicant is dead, they can not write ‘Dead / Late / Late’ before his / her name.

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12. In the case of name correction, SSC or equivalent examination certificate or affidavit of first-class magistrate court will be required.

13. In the case of professional change, the certificate will be required in favour of the changing profession.

14. Changes in the permanent address will require any reliable evidence about the voter’s list or the voter’s identity card or the changed address.

15. In the case of childbearing, the child will have to submit the birth certificate with the application form.
To renew a passport:
By completing the specified application, the fee will be deposited with the passport with the application form and the receipt will be deposited with the passport.
Information: The police verification of government officials/employees do not take place. The colour of this passport is not green, it is blue and the official passport is written above.

OneStep Service to get e-passport

To get one step service you will have to complete all the formalities including collecting the same form as a general passport. In this case, the amount of fee is Rs. 6000 for 64 pages and Rs. 5000 for the 48 pages. It will take 2-3 hours to get the passport. Any kind of mistake-correction will cost 500 TAKA. If the renewal fee is 2500 TAKA Note that the police service is sent to the police verification by providing one-stop service. If the adverse report is found then the passport cancellation.

To apply for a new e-passport online, visit http://www.passport.gov.bd/
ePassport PDF From
Link to check passport: http://www.immi.gov.bd/passport_verify.php

Hope to know more about the cost of passports, the passports for passports online, what new documents are required to create a new e-passport, and the cost of the e-passport. If there are any more questions, post a comment.

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