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Airtel New SIM Offer 2019

Airtel New SIM Offer 2019 Provides Lowest call Rate, Special Internet Offer and Free Internet offer. As a New Airtel Customer, you will get some extra benefits on First Recharge on the New Airtel Connection. Only Airtel Provides Lowest Call Rate on New Prepaid Connection without Any Recharge Condition. Let’s know more about Airtel Bangladesh New SIM Offer 2019.

Anyone can Buy a New Airtel Connection from their nearest Robi/Airtel Experience Center (Robi WIC), Sales Point of Robi/Airtel and all other Recharge Point. Upon Biometric Verification, Airtel Prepaid SIM will be activated instantly. So, check the Activation Bonus and Default call Rate from the below. You will also get Recharge Based Offer on the First Recharge.

Airtel Bangladesh New SIM Offer 2019:

All Offers of Airtel New SIM is divided into Activation Bonus, First Recharge Bonus, and Regular Offer. So, you can read these Specific Offer from the below now. The Offer is for All Airtel New Connection user who has bought a New Connection.

Activation Bonus of Airtel New SIM Offer 2019:

  • 5 TK in Main Account Balance
  • Free 50 MB Internet (10 Days Validity)
  • 2 Paisa per Second Call Rate (Default)
  • New SIM Price is 100 TK

First 61 Recharge Offer on Airtel BD New SIM:

Airtel Customer will get the following benefits while they will recharge 61 TK First time on their New SIM. The user needs to Recharge 61 TK within the 30 Days from activating the SIM card. After Recharging 61 TK, Customer will get:

  • 42 TK in Main Account (*778#)
  • 2GB Free Internet for 10 Days (*8444*88#)
  • Special Call Rate 0.9 Paisa per Sec (Any Number, Any Time).
  • Every 30 days spend 89 Tk and get the special call rate renewed for the next 30 day.

The Customer will get 1GB Internet at 9TK Offer if they recharged 61 TK as First Recharge. The offers can Activate Total 10 times (Once in a Month). If you have any more information, Kindly Contact Airtel Bangladesh Customer care


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