A Guide To Tencent Music Entertainment


Tencent Music Entertainment was inaugurated on June 6th, 2012, as a consequence of Tencent purchasing the China Music Corporation in order to strengthen its music services. It is part of the Chinese music market, providing an online music entertainment platform in China. The music company owns four music apps as Media Access Units (MAUs).

These apps, for example, QQ Music, Kugou, and Kuwo have over seven hundred million users and 120 million subscribers. According to a survey in June 2016, three of Tencent Music Entertainment’s music services held approximately 56% of the market share in the music streaming services of China.


Tencent’s services comprise online music, karaoke, and music-based live streaming. The company allows social interactions, for example, liking, sharing, commenting, virtual gifting, and following. Tencent maintains a portfolio for activities that are engaging and entertaining for users. The company’s products facilitate users in looking for new music, watching music videos and live performances as well as recording songs. It enables users to keep a library for a wide range of music sources, both audio and video.

It also has in stock a diverse range of video content, such as live performances, recorded and live concerts, music programs, and music videos. The company’s four music products, QQ Music, Kugou, Kuwo, and WeSing, provide quality music and relevant online entertainment to address the needs of the music-seeking audience in China.

Tencent’s Four Music Products

QQ Music is the first of Tencent’s very own music apps. It provides a wide range of online services to users. These services include a variety of music content for users’ entertainment as well as the ability to release digital music to increase interactions between artists and fans, which builds up a music fan economy. Kugou consists of Kugou Music and Kugou Live. Kugou Music provides a range of entertainment in lower-tier and top-tier cities with user penetration, while Kugou Live offers a set of live performances such as concerts and music shows.

Similarly to Kugou, Kuwo also offers Kuwo Music and Kuwo Live. Kuwo Music is more concentrated towards specific genres, such as DJ mixes and children’s music. Kuwo Live, like Kugou Live, comprises a substantial range of music-related video performances such as music variety shows, live concerts, music videos and much more which the users can enjoy in a comfortable and enjoyable setting. WeSing is an online karaoke service which allows people to share their personal performances with family, friends and other users who have similar interests in different social settings, in an attempt to develop social interactions between people and encourage them in their love for music.

Tencent Music Entertainment (TME)’s online services include search engines, personalized homepages, music players, music categories, ranking charts, and music accounts. A few of its pull factors include artist, subscriptions, tracking activity data, and the facility to change app themes.

It also promotes socializing amongst users, as well as interactions between users and artists. WeSing is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to showcase their talents in an interactive and engaging atmosphere by offering services such as karaoke rooms, online singing groups, timelines, and singing features.


With new music services provided by companies such as Tencent Music Entertainment, exploring new music has become adventurous and entertaining for the people of China and people across the world, with its efficient system and diverse offerings.

Music is a positive and inspirational pastime which inflates people’s thought bubbles with new ideas and profound confidence to showcase their talents across the world, and the approval that comes with it is a gift itself.