419 Million Facebook ID Exposed with Phone & Email Address

According to 4th September 2019 (Wednesday), the security researchers discovered an unprotected server over 419 Million records Facebook users. The result of the research confirmed that The Server isn’t password protected. It can be provided the access of Database of Facebook users where available Million number of Facebook IDs, all of these are Unique where connected original Phone number and Email Address. 

According to the recent report, The exposed server comprised records of 133 million Facebook users in the United States,  18 million users in the United Kingdom and over 50 million records in Vietnam. These IDs contain the Phone number of Facebook users.

Though the Database has removed from the Web, it isn’t clear that How long time it was unprotected. The users may face several problems with their Data. These Facebook users may receive fraudulent scam calls, Scam Text Message and more. The account can also access anytime. Cybercriminals may also try to take over the user Accounts as per using their Database information.

Let’s know how to protect your Facebook ID from the Cybercriminals. We are recommending you three different ways to protect your facebook ID right now. So, follow these steps immediately.

  1. Update Facebook Password: You should need to change/ update the Password Immediately. Always try to use Strong Password on Facebook.
  2. Limit your Facebook privacy settings: Change the Privacy Setting and adjust the Search, Content Share and Contact Setting. You need to restrict the feature of Searching people by using their Phone number or Email address.
  3. Deactivate Facebook Account for Limited time: You can Deactivate your Facebook Account for limited times and then reactive again. After reactivating, follow the above 2 instruction must.

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